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Do you need a Houston eviction attorney? You have found it. Houston Eviction Attorneys is the place to find a resolution. Evictions happen all the time, and the reasons may vary. Regardless the reason, here is a place to help you complete this process. Starting something like this gets a lot of questions.


What is the eviction process and how long does the process take?

First, you have the 3 Day Notice, which takes about 5 days in total for the entire process.  Second, go to court and fill out your paperwork and pay the fees and get a date. This date is usually 10 days out. That is about another 12 to 15 days.  Then, if you win your case, the tenants have another 5 days to get out.  So if all goes well and they do not stay or appeal, you have your house back in about one month or a little less.

There is always that extra question, “What if they don’t move out?” You will need to get a WRIT of Possession and that could easily take another week, plus expenses. And if they appeal, you are looking at another month, with the added cost of an attorney.  So it is important to get professional help right away to try and avoid all this and get them out without all the possible delays.   There is never a guarantee for the timing but your chances of getting them out earlier is much better with the help of our attorney services for evictions.


Where do I go?

You need to go to your local precinct to start the eviction process.

What about other alternatives

These, and many more questions apply. You can ask a friend or your hair dresser that has done it before or knows someone that has. Research is never a bad thing. The internet has made looking things up easy. It’s up to you to decide if you want to read about the process, taking hours out of your life or, if you want to hand it over to a professional. Making an educated decision is your best strategy in any instance. You don’t have to worry about missing Court or what the renters are going to say. This will all be taken care of for you by the eviction lawyer. It’s always nice to have a professional take over, especially when it means your livelihood. Why should you take the risk of trying something like this on your own? We are experienced professional, wanting to help you quickly resolve this matter.

Continue on with your daily life, with little to no interruptions. Start to find new tenants, go to work, plant a garden or take a vacation. Make time efficient decisions by using our excellent service.

State law permits a constable or anyone that has a concern with the house for serving a “notice to clear, the premises”, a Notice to Vacate, the initial step a landowner must take before documenting an expulsion continuing in Justice of the Peace Court. Landlords can convey the ousting notice themselves, yet a few constables clarified that landowners favor procuring an outsider to keep away from an encounter or a debate about whether the notice was served properly.  And the use of a Constable or third party carries much more weight.

Whether you pay the Constable or someone else is something you want to consider, or just do it yourself.  Do you have what it takes to defuse a situation if you were to encounter a sketchy setup? Keep away from sticky situations altogether. Too many variables can make this an unpleasant to horrific experience.

A claim for lease might be joined with an Eviction Case if the paymant of the lease is due and unpaid is not more than $10,000, including lawyer expenses, assuming any. Unfortunately, you are unable to reap past due interest and/or costs. The courts and legal offices of the state, are not allowed to give legal advice. Should you find yourself at your wit’s end, calling them up asking what to do is not the best of ideas. You will get Sally Front desk, busy filing and scheduling, only to hear her give you the dreaded “Bless your heart!” And while this is funny, this will not be the place or time.

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