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Most plaintiffs in Houston Eviction Court are landowners or homeowners of houses, townhouse or condominiums. But there are small apartment buildings with 30 or fewer units that also have a need for an attorney to handle their eviction matters.

For these homeowners and management, a problem tenant, or one who doesn’t pay their rent or lease on time is a real problem, not just a minor nuisance, but can cause real financial harm.  Our Houston Eviction Attorneys understand this as well as how the process can be overwhelming with the Harris County Courts for the landlord in this situation.  Because of this, we go out of our way to represent each owner or management company with understanding and in a prompt, aggressive and practical manner.  Our Houston Eviction Lawyers move quickly to eliminate the problem tenants as soon as possible.


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We explain the process and are always available for questions. Our Eviction Attorneys understand the ins and outs of the Houston eviction process and the partiality and safeguards built into the system for tenants and delinquent tenants. We also understand the best ways to handle the defenses and counterclaims available to the tenants, the delaying tactics used by renters to try and stay on the property longer.


Houston Eviction Lawyers to Represent You in Court

Our Houston Eviction Lawyers assist each client in the all-important step of preparation and proper service of the eviction notice which must be served upon the tenant to start the eviction process, knowing that if this is not done exactly in compliance with Texas property code, the case will be dismissed from the court when it goes to a court hearing. We are always available to answer any questions which one might have in preparation and service of the eviction notice, to make certain that everything is done correctly.

We offer a schedule of reasonable fixed fees for Houston eviction legal services, so that even in a process in which what happens is often in the control of the defendant or the court, our clients have as much assurance as possible as to the final amount of attorney fees and court costs to them. We are best eviction attorneys in town, and work hard to give you fantastic service by answering all your question and giving you experienced professional representation in all of south Texas. Our fees which are reasonable for the services provided. Contact us now, so that one of our Houston eviction attorneys can begin helping you with your eviction needs.

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